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Q: Are these shirts available in different sizes/colors?

A: Each design is displayed on the color shirt which I felt was most fitting, but next to each shirt you will find you have the option to pick almost any color (and size)When choosing colors, please keep in mind the way in which the color of the graphics contrast with the t-shirt color.

Q: Are these shirts available in ladies sizes?

A: Yes. Every design is available in Standard (Unisex), Men's Fit or Ladies Fit. However, the color options for ladies fit are limited. If you don't see the option for "Ladies" next to one of the designs, try selecting the color white. Then the "ladies" option will be available and you will see your other color options also<.br>
Q: Why is the price for Ladies Fit shirts a dollar more?

A: This style of t-shirt costs us a dollar more than the standard shirts. This is why we charge the extra dollar.

Q: Do you take bulk/wholesale orders for resale?

A: Currently we are not equip to handle bulk wholesale orders, nor can we offer any discount in price. We do intend to offer a wholesale option in future once we are more established.

Q: Do you accept returns on merchandise?

A: If we send you an item that does not match your order (in size, color, graphic, etc) we will happily correct your order. We do not, however, accept returns on items that do match your order. Before sending your item back to us, please contact us first so we can begin processing your order correction. Thank you